Shutdown Procedure


When leaving, please abide by this studio shutdown procedure. If you do not, the studio may be damaged, robbed or may incur unnecessary expenses. Failure to do so will make you liable for any costs, damage or theft to the studio equipment or facility, and your negligence to follow this studio shutdown procedure will make you financially responsible for it. You are being put on notice that the entire facility is under audio & video monitoring. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

  • - Back up your files. Files left on the desktop will be deleted. The studio is NEVER responsible for lost or deleted files. Save & shutdown the studio computer. Shut down ALL studio equipment, including: digidesign interfaces, computer, speaker & headphone amps, outboard gear, etc....
  • - Shut off all Bryston Amplifiers in the machine room. (except Bryston 2b-lp; the auratone amp) Note: Do NOT shut off the DDA console power supply, outdoor speaker amplifier, or Drawmer speaker protector.
  • - Shut off all air conditioners, including: the live room, control room, machine room, video room & lounge.
  • - Shut off all lights, including: the live room, control room, machine room, video room & lounge. Make sure the lights are fully turned off & not just dimmed. Tap the switch once to turn the power off.
  • - Shut off the Soda machine. (switch is located on the bottom left of the soda machine.)
  • - Notify the management know that you are leaving. Call the following people until you reach somebody. Leaving the studio without giving notice makes you financially responsible for it. Note: you are on camera! Do not just leave the studio until you reach (in order) one of these people: George (917)-687-0025, AnnMarie: (917)-687-7231, Mr. Les: (347)-256-2671 or Mark: (646)-526-1006.
  • - Lock all doors! Specifically: the live room, control room, machine room, video room, mike closet & lounge. To lock the front sliding glass door, please flip the top lock to the closed position, and gently slide the door closed. Do NOT slam the door because you might shatter the glass!
  • - Set the following alarms: machine room panel & studio panel. The procedure is: lock all doors, making sure they are tightly closed. Wait for the green light to come on on the alarm panel indicating that the system is ready to be armed. Press the following sequence: 3,3,3,3 then press the ON/OFF switch once. Type the code in slowly & deliberately. You have 30 seconds to leave. Note: this code will only work to arm the system, it will not disarm the system.