Video Suite Patch Bay

BNC Patch Bay #1
Top Row: BLANK
Bottom Row: BLANK

BNC Patch Bay #2
Top Row: Panasonic HD1700 Deck I/O
Bottom Row: HD1700 HREF I/O, followed by HDW-F500 Deck I/O
BNC Patch Bay #3
Top Row: DVW-A500 Deck I/O
Bottom Row: Kona K3Box I/O

BNC Patch Bay #4
Top Row: BVDM20 Monitor Outputs followed by ZSYS Outs channels 11-14
Bottom Row: BVDM20 Monitor Inputs followed by ZSYS Ins channels 11-14

Channel 1 source A500 1-2 output
Channel 1 destination A500 1-2 input
Channel 2 source A500 3-4 output
Channel 2 destination A500 3-4 input

 I/O for Channels 11-14 are available on BNC Patch Bay #4

All analog audio connections may be found on the green TRS Patch Bay