Terms & Conditions

Mixdown Recording Studios (M.R.S) Terms and Conditions:

1. This document is to serve as a confirmation of time booked at Mixdown Recording Studios. Payment for all confirmed time is the responsibility of the Client / Artist at the printed rates. The prices apply only to the amount of money being agreed upon for a single block of purchased time, which does not include overtime. Past block time bookings may not be combined with new purchases for the function of booking more hours for pricing purposes. In the event of a cancellation of any or all confirmed time, the Client / Artist is responsible for payment in full. However, M.R.S. will make reasonable efforts to rebook any or all cancelled confirmed time at the client’s written request. Sales Tax and other governmental charges are additional to the chart prices.

2. Additional costs may include but are not limited to: materials, rentals, engineers, producers, musicians, writers, arrangers, etc...

3. All virgin media stock and recording or data storage materials will be supplied by M.R.S. Outboard equipment rentals, recording materials, piano tuning, food, phone and any other applicable sundry expenses are not included and will be billed additionally. Any cash outlays that M.R.S. makes on behalf of the customer will be invoiced at cost plus a 15% surcharge. Requests to “hold the mix until the next day” in the room shall be charged at 85% of billed studio rate. Such requests will be honored at M.R.S.’s sole discretion. If there is another need for the studio, be it for any reason, then the session shall either be concluded, or prepared for recall. The client shall pay for the studio time and labor to have the session prepared for a “snapshot” and “recall.” M.R.S. will not charge additional fees for equipment brought in by the client or rented from outside vendors and billed directly to the client. However M.R.S. shall charge studio time for the interfacing and/or maintaining of equipment that is brought in by the client or rented from outside vendors even though billed directly to the client. M.R.S. may also require that outside vendors provide personnel for interfacing and/or maintaining such outside, or rented equipment. The performance and operation of equipment not furnished by M.R.S. is client’s responsibility. In the event of downtime, M.R.S will credit studio time lost as a result of its malfunctioning equipment. Any downtime resulting from any equipment brought in by the client for the client’s sessions will be the sole responsibility of the client. This includes rented equipment that is directly billed to the client. Studio time will be confirmed by M.R.S. upon the signing of this document. Payment is due for each session upon execution of this agreement. At its sole discretion M.R.S. may extend other client terms. Any claims for adjustments of any kind must be made in writing within 10 days of invoice date. A session shall be deemed commercially and technically satisfactory for the purposes of this agreement, unless there is an equipment failure at M.R.S. that cannot be  circumvented, bypassed or corrected at the time of the session. M.R.S. is not responsible for the character, style, aesthetic quality, production, or relative levels of a project or mix, the client is. Client acknowledges that M.R.S. is not the producer. When M.R.S. provides an engineer, the client is in control of what he does in their session. The client shall not come back to M.R.S. and ask for free studio time, or any other compensation, resulting from work that was done in the studio, which the client later finds not to be to his or her taste. All sales are final. All sessions are final. There will be no refunds. *Published rates do not include the recording engineer.

4. If charges are not paid before the end of the session, a 2% finance charge per month will be added to any invoice outstanding beyond 10 days. Any invoiced balance will be due before release of recordings.

5. All outstanding invoices must be paid in full before the release of any master tapes and materials to the client.

6. This Agreement constitutes a Security Agreement. M.R.S. holds a security interest in all materials produced at its studio until payment in full is made. M.R.S. may file a financing statement. The charges and fees for such a filing shall be disclosed to client and added to his or her balance.

7. Separate projects undertaken by the client shall be cross-collateralized. Multiple projects or artists by different names, but billed to the same client, shall be treated as one for the purposes of this agreement. The security interest shall continue until all charges are paid.

8. The person who signed on behalf of client agrees to be personally liable for any unpaid charges due to M.R.S., even if originally contracted under another party or organization name, even if that group is now defunct. The person signing the invoices is personally liable for the charges. A person who authorizes another individual to sign on their behalf is also personally liable for any unpaid bills, jointly and / or severally.

9. Client is responsible for any damages that any member of his group causes.

10. In the event that M.R.S. has to commence legal action to collect unpaid invoices, the client / artist shall be responsible to pay for reasonable attorney fees, collection costs, and other legal costs incurred by M.R.S. for such.

11. Any property stored on the premises of M.R.S. is solely at owner’s risk.

12. For our clients' convenience, M.R.S. provides space for short term media storage in its library. However, M.R.S. does not assume any responsibility for media stored on premises. M.R.S. is not ever responsible for any music or data losses. Media and data backup are the sole responsibility of the client. In no event shall M.R.S. be responsible for the costs of studio time for lost music or data.

13. Equipment damage, including, but not limited to damage to speakers is the responsibility of the studio client. By client’s signature, it is verified that the entire studio equipment package, including all speakers, is in perfect working condition at the start of each session.

14. A 100% deposit is required at the time of booking. The balance, if any, is due at the start of the studio session. Missed sessions or showing up late for a session are at the client’s expense. Client is billed for booked time, not for when client “shows up” or when client “decides to leave.” Leaving early will not result in credit for unused time. The client is “clocked out” when you leave the studio facility. “Waiting” for a mix to be finished, or for CD’s to burn, or any studio activity undertaken on client’s behalf, shall be counted toward actual studio time used, and client is financially responsible for it. Overtime shall be charged at the hourly card rate that the client booked time for, not the rate that additional overtime would “push” the client into. Studio Pricing does not include engineer, materials, tax or other expenses. It covers the cost of renting the studio facility only.

15. If paying by a credit or debit card, electronic transfer, “paperless funds” or check, you hereby authorize M.R.S. to charge the total amount due to your card, or other method of payment.

16. For credit/debit card payments, you authorize M.R.S to charge the credit / debit card provided by you for the fees charged for the services rendered. You further authorize M.R.S. to automatically charge your credit / debit card for any services over and above those initially procured and settled as the case may be.

17. For purposes of the above paragraph 16, all credit card payments will be processed through Main Course Media LLC, a facilities management that is authorized by M.R.S. to carry out transactions on the latter’s behalf. You acknowledge that Main Course Media LLC may retain your credit card details but only for the purpose of processing credit card payments in the manner set out in paragraph 16 of this Agreement.

18. You hereby certify that you are the authorized party to incur said charges. You agree not to stop payment on checks, or dispute any credit card charges. You agree to purchase and / or book studio time, and agree that you have received good and valuable consideration for this transaction. There will be no refunds or credits.

19. M.R.S. studio time credit will be given for M.R.S. approved cancellations in writing. Such cancellations require 48 hour prior written notice. Minimum session booking time is a multiple of 1 hour, all time will be rounded up to full hours. All masters will be held until payment is made in full. No exceptions.

20. Personal Guarantee. Client is personally responsible for any unpaid bills at the studio, and agrees to pay them in full.

21. Unused time, which was pre-purchased in a block, will remain available to you, and will expire after one year. Booked session dates cannot be “cut short” with the remaining time “held.” Client agrees to pay according to the studio pricing terms, follow the studio rules and the reasonable requests of the management.

22. If using an ‘outside’ audio Engineer, the proficiency of such engineer must be approved by M.R.S. in writing. The client is responsible for any damages caused by an engineer that client brought into a studio session.

23. Signing this agreement binds client to the terms and conditions of M.R.S. The client agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions for any and all sessions that client has previously had or will have at Mixdown Recording Studios.

24. This document shall supersede and take precedence over all other contracts or instruments, whether written contracts or oral agreements. You agree that you have had the opportunity to read and understand this contract before signing it and understand the responsibilities which you are undertaking. Any changes or modifications to this agreement must be made in writing and signed by both parties.

25. For security reasons, you are hereby advised that you are under both video and audio surveillance, and waive your expectation and right to privacy. Telephone calls into and out of the recording facility may also be monitored for security purposes. You acknowledge that you have been notified of this condition and are authorized by your party to consent to this on their behalf as well.

26. Any part of this agreement that is invalid will not void the rest of the agreement which is entered into in the State of New York.

27. Studio pricing does not include engineer, materials, tax or other expenses. It covers the cost of renting the studio facility only.

28. Studio Rules: Posted.

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