Mixdown Recording Studios utilizes audiophile grade equipment to get a world class mastering sound. For many years, we have studied what makes the mastering greats, from their equipment to their individual styles. We have learned a lot and will deliver that experience to you. These days many people think that the louder a record is, the better… Wrong! There is a tradeoff with too much compression & limiting, and that is squeezed transients. Some of what makes a record sound great is its dynamic range. If you squeeze the life out of it, you literally kill the sound quality. We know the formulas, the gear and the tricks of the trade to make your records sound their best.

Have you just finished recording and mixing you're album at home but still aren't satisfied with it's lack of "professional" sound? Want to get your tracks sounding like the songs your hear on the radio? Here at Mixdown Recording Studios, George Nivkor, a professional Mastering engineer with over 20 years of experience, will get your tracks sounding loud and proud! With our collection of quality outboard gear and top-of-the-line technology, your album will sound like someone just took a pillow off the front of your speaker! We have the most competitive prices in the NYC Metro area and sound quality is never sacrificed! Sure there are guys with bigger names, but our mastering will be just as good at a much better price. We invite you to learn more about us here online, or better yet, call and schedule an appointment to come in the studio, tour our facility and discuss your project.

With the decrease in production budgets and the increase in home studios, professional mastering has become an absolute, crucial necessity and not a luxury relegated to major labels with hefty post production budgets. Sonic comparisons of mastered tracks to unmastered tracks are alarming and it is no wonder that discrete producers insist on professional mastering of both albums and demos to afford their project a competitive edge. The popular notion, that mastering is primarily about optimizing levels, has unfortunately drawn many amateurs into the mastering arena. The outcome? Over-compressed, over-processed tracks with borderline distortion. Successful mastering is a complex process that requires decades of experience, creativity, keen / intuitive listening skills and technical expertise in the use of sophisticated mastering processors commonly found only in a dedicated, world class mastering lab.

With professional mastering at Mixdown Recording Studios, you are guaranteed that all of the above mentioned parameters are met. George Nivkor has been mastering and cutting hit records of all genres for major and independent labels, producers, DJs and artists for over 2 decades. George brings a fresh, unbiased prospective to each and every project. His intuitive listening skills allow him to professionally assess and fine tune each project. Via the skillful use of his vintage analog gear and state of the art digital processors, he maximizes volume without perceivable loss of dynamics, creates balance and continuity from cut to cut and performs critical EQ adjustments that add presence, depth and clarity. The result: a commercial sounding release ready for replication, radio play, on-line distribution or club promotion.

Routine mastering procedures performed at Mixdown Recording Studios include:

  • ○  Optimize average and peak volume levels from track to track
  • ○  Create balance and uniformity from cut to cut
  • ○  Determine and select appropriate processor that is best suited for material submitted
  • ○  Compression, peak limit, EQ of each track, as necessary
  • ○  Adjust or unify spacing between tracks
  • ○  Edit minor noise / clicks between tracks
  • ○  Fade start and end of each track, as necessary
  • ○  Apply noise reduction to eliminate hiss or hum, as necessary
  • ○  Arrange tracks in final sequence
  • ○  Insert per track PQ codes (track IDs) required for replication
  • ○  Add IRSC codes and or CD Text, as necessary
  • ○  Transfer mastered audio to final PMCD for replication, duplication, vinyl transfer or digital distribution