Whatever format your session material is already in, you can migrate your work to our professional studio environment for ultra-high quality tracking, and especially, mixing and mastering. In today’s recording environment, people opt to do most of their pre-production and tracking in small home-based studios. When it comes to their final products, however, nothing but the best will do: a major studio mixdown, by professional engineers.

This is where Mixdown Recording Studios comes in. We specialize in mixing. Our facility is centered around a DDA DMR-12 analog console with classic British EQ and the “warm” sound that only an analog console with several big racks of outboard gear can produce.

We combine this with the best of today’s computer based recording technologies. The marriage of these two audio worlds enables this facility to give you that “big, ready for radio sound” that everybody looks for. We are mix-down specialists, hence the name: Mixdown Recording Studios.