Mixdown Recording Studios offers the best tracking equipment that money can buy. There are secrets to tracking and we have put them to good use over the years. Getting that big ready for radio sound comes from using the right gear. Vacuum Tubes and the right discreet electronics can make this all happen. There is a reason why we pack our racks with tens of thousands of dollars of gear from Neve, Manley, Universal Audio, Lexicon, Mogami Cables, etc…

Plugins are great; they are fast and easy and will perhaps one day be able to fool everyone. In this day and age, however, the fact remains that nothing sounds better than the real thing: hardcore ultra high-end outboard gear. Sure, we have all of the great plugins in our fully blown out ProTools rig, but having the hardware too makes all of the difference in the world. Our monitoring systems are second to none. There are extreme studio design elements that we have employed to make the ENVIRONMENT that you record in is perfect. Much better than a build-it-yourself home studio can ever provide! It comes down to construction & materials. For example: all of our floors, ceilings, and walls are floated & vibration dampened. We use ‘bulletproof’ multi-layer thick glass to provide extreme isolation between our main live room and our control room. All surfaces of the control room and live room were carefully thought out.

First, acoustical engineers designed the room with the correct dimensions using the “golden ratio” to minimize room nodes and other anomalies. There are multi-frequency tuned bass traps in key areas to help keep the low frequencies in balance. There is a careful and intentional blend of absorption, diffusion and reflection to give the room a harmonious, musical and accurate “tight sounding” design. Recordings sound natural, open and vibrant, not muffled and dead.

Tracking is perhaps the most important part of making a record. You are not supposed to ”fix it in the mix.” Remember: garbage in, garbage out! OK, so you have a little DAW tucked in the corner of your bedroom. Great... that is the modern day equivalent of an 8-track cassette deck. If you are serious about making real records, the tracking portion of your record will make all of the difference. Take your records to the next level at Mixdown Recording Studios!